Our expert panel will take you through why Strategic Workforce Planning is more important than ever.

  • Tips for successful strategic workforce planning

  • How other successful companies are taking a data-led approach to  meeting skills needs

  • Making best use of your existing talent by growing and retain skills internally

  • Practical real-life examples from HR leaders who are progressing from insight to action

Today's skills challenge

Companies are juggling strategic decisions on workplace, skills requirements, overcoming skills shortages, worker surpluses and integrating new intelligent technology into the workforce.

Human resources departments meet with increased demand for innovative and durable strategies that meet businesses' ever-changing workforce needs while balancing the expectation for sustainable and progressive careers.


Session outcomes

  • Gain tips on building effective and durable workforce plans that anticipate and complement coming change

  • Find new opportunities to take a data-led approach

  • Learn how you can make workforce decisions faster and more effectively so you can move to business-critical action

  • Real-life examples on how you can make workforce transitions go more smoothly in practice.

Expert speakers

Tim Peffers

Tim Peffers

Organisation and Talent Analytics Lead, PMI


Tim is a strategic Workforce Planning and People Analytics thought-leader and practitioner with a wide range of expertise including talent analytics, employee listening, forecasting, organisational health and HR tech implementation. Tim regularly posts on these topics on his YouTube channel.

He currently works for Philip Morris International building the Strategic Workforce Planning capability using advanced data science techniques to understand what skills employees have, what the future workforce will look like and how technology will impact the workforce as we continue down the path of digitisations and the AI augmented workplace.

As a data evangelist who is passionate about using data for good and making work more efficient, effective and fulfilling for everyone, Tim will talk about his recent approach to talent analytics to inform PMI’s workforce plans, with a particular focus on reskilling to boost employability and build a future-ready workforce.

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Alise Rupeka

Expert Strategic Workforce Planning, Swedbank


Strategic Workforce Planning Expert Alise has a passion for using people data to future-proof.

She spent over 10 years in Talent and Finance, IT and NGO businesses internationally (Europe, Emerging, Nordics). At Swedbank, she is responsible for all workforce planning and recommending workforce development actions.

Alise promotes an optimized workforce as an integral and valued part of managing the business, involving a collaborative effort between HR, strategy, finance and technology teams to translate the impact of strategic decisions on the workforce, identifying capability gaps, finding solutions to gaps to form a workforce plan and continuously progressing through regular tactical planning.

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Linda Nyman

HR Manager, Swedbank


Linda heads up a HR team and has been involved in a recent workforce transformation project which is feeding into a context of broader organisational transformation. Together, Alise and Linda will share their experiences of this recent journey: a strategic approach to workforce/talent planning to sustainably develop skills and deliver value. It includes assessing the wider impact of change, building future scenarios, identifying change points and promoting future readiness of Swedbank employees.

Alise and Linda will share how they used data-led approach to make decisions and move to sustainable workforce development action.

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Ranjit de Sousa

Founder and Managing Director, The Coalyard


Ranjit de Sousa is Founder and Managing Director of The Coalyard which focuses on supporting HR-tech innovators in scaling their business, as well as advising large organizations across industries on how to prepare for the future of work.

Prior to this, Ranjit led the world‘s leading talent development and career transition firm LHH and has helped Fortune 1000 organizations across the globe transform their workforce.

Ranjit will discuss why SWP is becoming more important, the need to accelerate the process and prioritise, building a business case for SWP investment and demonstrating ROI.  

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David Burrows

Director of Workforce Planning, Faethm


Dave Burrows is a Workforce Insights professional with over 25 years’ experience, including 15 years focused on people analytics.

He began his HR career in consultancy and banking before relocating to Australia to join the Commonwealth Bank of Australia where he won two CEO awards for delivering innovative and value-adding solutions utilising people data.

He has managed and re-engineered reporting and analytics services, delivered data governance programmes, built teams and delivered strategic workforce planning projects.


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